What Makes A Successful Logo?

A successful logo is one that engages the viewer and allows then to play a quick interactive mind game with it. It should also be memorable and hint at what your company does.

6 things to consider when developing a logo

  1. Visibilty/Distinctiveness- will it stand out from competitors and provide quick and memorable identification for your company while at the same time revealing something of the nature of your business?
  2. Simplicity/Universal Appeal- Is the concept easily understood to many audiences at a glance?
  3. Retention- A sense of surprise and discovery allows a viewer to connect to and remember a logo.
  4. Color-Ask yourself these questions to get started thinking about color. Is there a color that culturally represents what it is you do? What colors are your competitors using? Do you want to blend in or stand out to potential clients? How do you want to be perceived; serious, playful, compassionate, hip etc.? Color has context in our society and it has more meaning than it is often given credit for. Choose your logo’s color keeping that in mind.
    (note: Blue is the most globally & culturally inoffensive color and as a result is the most commonly used color in logos. Because of this, blue does not help differentiate one brand from another but is rarely disliked.)
  5. Applications- Will it work where it needs to, online, in print, on TV etc.?
  6. Attributes- Is your business cutting edge, modern, or conservative?
    Any adjective that you use to describe your core business should apply directly to the look of your logo as well.


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